Acting With Data

Acting with Data is the YDRC’s signature learning community designed to help youth development teams reach the highest level of quality and impact for the youth they serve. Program teams receive training in a suite of best-in-class shared measurement tools, including the Youth and Social Emotional Program Quality Assessments and the Holistic Student Assessment. Program staff learn to assess, plan, and improve their programs through training from their youth development professional peers and expert coaches.


      Support and tools

      needed to collect data that is relevant to current programming

        Intentional opportunities

        to build community, learn, and grow with youth development peers

        Continuous improvement

        of programmatic and organizational practices and youth outcomes

        Acting with Data is an opportunity to engage in a process of continuous quality improvement with the goal of enhancing the experience of youth and the skills of those who work with youth. This multi-level intervention combines training and assessment, is informed by theory, and is supported by field research. Our team supports managers and staff to align their program management and instructional practices with a positive youth development model (Source: The Forum For Youth Investment).

        Within the Acting with Data Learning Community, organizations collect data that is relevant to their programming while building community, learning, and growing with their peers. Participants can access aligned training, technical assistance supports, one-on-one improvement coaching, and various assessment tools, including program quality and social-emotional learning practice assessments, attendance tracking, and youth outcomes surveys.

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            Data Tracks: Program Quality and SEL

            Acting with Data provides organizations with opportunities and agency in their continuous quality improvement efforts. We offer two main data tracks:

            Youth Program Quality

            The Youth Program Quality Assessment (YPQA) is a foundational data and improvement tool for positive youth development programs.

            Social Emotional Learning Program Quality

            The Social Emotional Learning Program Quality Assessment (SELPQA) enables organizations to go deeper in assessing and planning for improvement in areas such as empathy and emotion coaching.